Benefits of a baby car mirror

Benefits of a baby car mirror

A baby car mirror installed to reflect the baby's image to the front seat
A baby car mirror reflecting the baby’s image to the front seat

If you are a parent like me, your most valuable time is when you are out with family.

As a parent of a little child, you realize that it is safer to carry your baby in a rear-facing car seat at the back. Actually, it’s not an idea; it is the law. Until the baby is either about 2 years old or outgrows the infant car seat in weight or height, whichever comes first.

As you can agree, when you are behind the wheel and your LO is facing backward, the most pressing worry throughout the journey will be what is going on with him or her back there?

Especially if you have no other adult company in the car?

What you need is a third eye, the baby car mirror.

These are mirrors that are strapped to the backseat headrest and tilted to face the baby so that his image is reflected in the front mirror.

If your back seat doesn’t have a headrest, don’t worry. There are mirrors designed to attach to the rear windscreen or the sun visor. To discover the best baby mirrors for a car without a headrest, click here.

Here’s to the benefits of a baby car mirror.

  • It rids you of anxiety and worry about your baby

Infants are practically dependent human beings. If he gets hungry, tired, bored, soiled, sick, and what have you, he can’t help himself and you have to keep an eye.

As a single mother, I always found this unsettling and it kept me turning back to check on my little one, only sometimes to find there is nothing wrong with him. It’s clear that the frequent head tilts as you drive are an unwanted distraction.

A baby car mirror at the back would just reflect the baby to the front mirror so that the frequent head tilts are turned to an easy, quick glimpse into the front mirror.

  • It can help save your baby

Once again there are so many goings-on with a young baby and some of them maybe nasty. Without you being aware, your LO could choke, get injured or the harness could have become loose, which can put his life on the line if he goes unattended.

A baby car mirror reflection would alert you in time to save your baby.

  • It keeps your baby entertained

The mirror is attractive to babies and when he stares into your reflection in the mirror, he feels as if you are there with him and thus he’ll feel less lonely. He will, as a result, cry less and demand less attention.

4 thoughts on “Benefits of a baby car mirror

  1. I can’t agree more. Although different countries have slightly different standards, a child should be carried in a child car seat from infancy up to age 12 or 13. It makes sense to have a way to keep an eye on the kid at the backseat when you’re behind the wheel. The kid can also speak to you through the mirror using any gestures, just to keep in touch or to call for attention.


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